, Volume 29, Issue 10, pp 1575-1582
Date: 04 Jul 2007

Plasmid profile and construction of a small shuttle vector in Laribacter hongkongensis

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Among 21 human strains of Laribacter hongkongensis, small plasmids were observed in four strains, and large ones in six strains. The smallest, 3264-bp plasmid, pHLHK19, has only one ORF that encodes a putative replication initiator protein and a predicted origin of replication (ori) with a DnaA box, three 18-bp direct repeats and five pairs of inverted repeats. An Escherichia coliL. hongkongensis shuttle vector was constructed by ligating the HindIII-digested pHLHK19, containing the replication initiator protein and ori of pHLHK19, to HindIII-digested pBK-CMV. This shuttle vector can propagate in E. coli and L. hongkongensis with good transformation efficiencies.