, Volume 29, Issue 8, pp 1255-1262
Date: 04 May 2007

Purification and in vitro refolding of maize chloroplast transglutaminase over-expressed in Escherichia coli

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In contrast to mammalian transglutaminases (TGs), plant members of the superfamily are poorly characterized. In order to produce pure and active TG for its functional and structural studies, variants of maize chloroplast transglutaminase (TGZ, Patent WWO03102128) were sub-cloned into a pET28 vector and overexpressed in Escherichia coli BL21 (DE3) cells. The recombinant proteins were present mainly as insoluble inclusion bodies. The TGZ4p variant with four B-type repeats (M r∼55 kDa), was affinity purified from urea-solubilized inclusion bodies. TGZ4p was refolded by rapid dilution in a Ca2+- and guanidine-containing buffer. Active TGZ4p shows the general catalytic characteristics described for other TGs.