, Volume 27, Issue 8, pp 551-554

Synthesis of hydroquinone-α-glucoside by α-glucosidasefrom baker’s yeast

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Hydroquinone-α-glucoside was synthesised from hydroquinone and maltose as glucosyl donor by transglucosylation in a water system with α-glucosidase from baker’s yeast. Only one phenolic –OH group was α-anomer-selectively glucosylated. The optimum conditions for transglucosylation reaction were at 30 °C for 20 h with 50 mM hydroquinone and 1.5 M maltose in 100 mM sodium citrate/phosphate buffer at pH 5.5. The glucoside was obtained at 0.6 mg/ml with a 4.6% molar yield with respect to hydroquinone.