, Volume 27, Issue 7, pp 483-487

Anti-diabetic activity of β-glucans and their enzymatically hydrolyzed oligosaccharides from Agaricus blazei

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β-Glucans were prepared from Agaricus blazei Murill by repeated extraction with hot water. The average molecular weights of β-glucans were 30–50 kDa by gel filtration chromatography. Oligosaccharides (AO), derived from hydrolyzing β-glucans with an endo-β-(1→6)-glucanase from Bacillus megaterium, were mainly di- and tri-saccharides. Though β-glucans and AO both showed anti-hyperglycemic, anti-hypertriglyceridemic, anti-hypercholesterolemic, and anti-arteriosclerotic activity indicating overall anti-diabetic activity in diabetic rats, AO had about twice the activity of β-glucans with respect to anti-diabetic activity.