, Volume 43, Issue 3-4, pp 165-173

Molecular Cloning and Characterization of a Novel Human C4orf13 Gene, Tentatively a Member of the Sodium Bile Acid Cotransporter Family

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By large-scale sequencing analysis of a human fetal brain cDNA library, we isolated a novel human cDNA (C4orf13). This cDNA is 2706 bp in length, encoding a 340-amino-acid polypeptide that contains a typical SBF (sodium bile acid cotransporter family) domain and ten possible transmembrane segments. The putative protein C4orf13 shows high similarity with its orthologs in Mus musculus and Xenopus laevis. Human C4orf13 is mapped to chromosome 4q31.2 and contains 12 exons. RT-PCR analysis shows that human C4orf13 is widely expressed in human tissues, and the expression levels in liver and lung are relatively high, expression levels in placenta, kidney, spleen, and thymus are moderate, low levels of expression are detected in heart, prostate, and testis.

The nucleotide sequence reported in this paper has been deposited to GenBank under accession number AY346324.