, Volume 11, Issue 6, pp 731-732
Date: 20 Jun 2010

A. V. Everitt, S. I. S. Rattan, D. G. Le Couteur, R. de Cabo (eds): Calorie restriction, aging and longevity

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The book Calorie restriction, aging and longevity edited by Everitt, Rattan, Le Couteur, and de Cabo has been written in a time of transition between the epoch when nearly every biogerontologist was convinced that caloric restriction (CR, also called dietary restriction, DR, by other authors) increases longevity and the current time, when a growing number of experts think that the longevity variations have to be linked with the composition of the diet rather than with calories per se. The sentence of Brian Morris introducing his chapter: “It is well established that caloric restriction (CR) extends lifespan of all species tested” illustrates the opinion of many experts and the reader could be thus disappointed when reading the chapter by Simpson and Raubenheimer, who clearly show that calories have no effect on longevity of various species, but rather that it is dependent on the ratio between carbohydrates and proteins, i.e., CR does not increase longevity.

The first part of the book, w ...