, Volume 37, Issue 6, pp 727-733
Date: 08 Nov 2007

Foundations of Behavioral Genetics: Student Recipients of the Thompson Award

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Most historical accounts of behavioral genetics would mark the year 1960 as the year of its birth as an interdisciplinary field of scientific research. In fact, this would not really be the year of its birth, since the underlying ideas and research designs were already well developed by then, but at least 1960 might be considered the year of its formal christening, since John Fuller and Robert Thompson published the first book entitled Behavior Genetics in that year.

It took another 10 years to establish the organization connected to this journal, the Behavior Genetics Association (BGA). According to John Loehlin (2008, in press), in his recent historical account, “after some informal discussions in the 1960s, and the circulation of a mailing to a list of persons who had recently published in the area of behavior genetics, an organizational meeting took place at Urbana, Illinois in March 1970. R.H. Osborne, then editor of the journal Social Biology, was chosen to act as president pro te

Edited by John K Hewitt.
This article is based on a presentation made by the author at the 37th annual meeting of the BGA in Amsterdam in June 2007 as part of her Presidential Address.