, Volume 109, Issue 3, pp 202-206
Date: 12 Jan 2011

Application of a remote-controlled collimated dosimetric system for surveying spent MR fuel storage facilities

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The results of using a specially developed collimated dosimetric system, placed on a Brokk-90 remotecontrolled machine, to survey a spent fuel storage facility are presented. The measuring block of the system consists of collimated and uncollimated γ-ray detectors, video cameras, and headlights. The range of the dose-rate measurements of the γ-ray detectors varies from 0.4 mSv/h to 8.5 Sv/h. The collimation angle of the collimated detector is 12° and the lead shielding is 30 mm thick. The system made it possible to perform this work in large radiation fields by remote means. The dose rate distribution along extended elements, extracted from the spent fuel storage facility in the MR hall, is obtained. The contents of the storage facility were visualized in all details. Using the results of the survey, the contents of the storage facility were repacked and removed from the MR room.