, Volume 109, Issue 3, pp 149-156
Date: 12 Jan 2011

MCU-PTR program for high-precision calculations of pool and tank type research reactors

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The MCU-PTR program with a MDBPTR50 database has been developed. The purpose of this program is to perform high-precision mathematical modeling of nuclear reactors and to calculate their neutron-physical characteristics. The program uses the Monte-Carlo method to solve the equations governing n, γ radiation transfer and uses evaluated data describing the interaction of neutrons and photons with matter. The change of the isotopic composition of the reactor materials during the operation of the reactor is taken into account. The organization of the program makes it possible to organize parallel computation and perform the calculations on super and personal computers with multinuclear processes. The dynamical distribution of the memory removes the restrictions on the mathematic models of the reactor. The program is intended for computational tracking of the operation of research reactors, validating upgraded designs of reactors, planning, and optimizing experimental conditions with respect to nuclear physics, radiation materials science, creating optimal conditions for producing radionuclides, and solving nuclear and radiological safety questions for operating and shutting down reactors.