, Volume 55, Issue 4, pp 448-459
Date: 24 Nov 2012

Close neighbors of Markarian galaxies. I. Optical database

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The catalogue of close neighbors of Markarian galaxies located inside circles with radii 60 kpc from the centers of Markarian objects is presented, which combines extensive new measurements of their optical parameters with a literature and database search. The measurements were made using images extracted from the Digitized Sky Survey (DSS) Jpg (blue), Fpg (red) and Ipg (near-infrared) band photographic plates. We provide names, accurate coordinates, redshifts, morphological types, blue, red and near-infrared apparent magnitudes, apparent blue major diameters, axial ratios, as well as position angles for the neighbor galaxies. We also include their 2MASS infrared magnitudes. The total number of Markarian galaxies in the database is 274 and the number of their neighbors is 359. The physical parameters of the systems of Markarian galaxies and their neighbors are determined and presented.

Published in Astrofizika, Vol. 55, No. 4, pp. 491-504 (November 2012).