, Volume 344, Issue 1, pp 113-118
Date: 16 Nov 2012

Solitary waves excited by relativistic positron showers of astrophysical naturally doped superthermal plasmas

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The longitudinal fast solitary waves induced by weakly relativistic positron showers of astrophysical origin are studied in a plasma system contaminated with some massive impurities in presence of superthermal effects. The superthermal effects are due to the high energy electrons. The impurities are dust corpuscles with positive and negative charges. It is noticed that increase in the kappa parameter of electrons and relativistic streaming factor of weakly relativistic positron shower, negative dust concentration invoke an enhancement in the strength of solitary wave. On the other hand increase in the shower’s temperature as well as positive dust concentration diminish the solitary hump strength. It is worth to mention that only hump type compressive fast solitary waves are predicted by our model, for the given set of plasma parameters, because the convective coefficient of the nonlinear governing equation for solitary wave remains positive in considered regime of interaction for plasma and positron shower. Our calculations in linear regime predict both the fast and slow positron shower induced longitudinal, electrostatic perturbations. Our results may be of importance in understanding the nonlinear propagation of waves in doped astrophysical superthermal plasmas with relativistic positron showers.