Letter to the Editor

Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 339, Issue 1, pp 1-5

First online:

Quantum vacuum and virtual gravitational dipoles: the solution to the dark energy problem?

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The cosmological constant problem is the principal obstacle in the attempt to interpret dark energy as the quantum vacuum energy. We suggest that the obstacle can be removed, i.e. that the cosmological constant problem can be resolved by assuming that the virtual particles and antiparticles in the quantum vacuum have the gravitational charge of the opposite sign. The corresponding estimates of the cosmological constant, dark energy density and the equation of state for dark energy are in the intriguing agreement with the observed values in the present day Universe. However, our approach and the Standard Cosmology lead to very different predictions for the future of the Universe; the exponential growth of the scale factor, predicted by the Standard Cosmology, is suppressed in our model.


Quantum vacuum Dark energy Cosmological constant problem gravitational dipole