, Volume 337, Issue 1, p 1
Date: 05 Jan 2012

Astrophysics & Space Science subscribes to the Singapore Statement on Research Integrity

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The Singapore Statement on Research Integrity was developed as part of the 2nd World Conference on Research Integrity, held in Singapore 21–24 July 2010. This provides a global guide to the responsible conduct of research, and is available at: www.singaporestatement.org.

The Editors of Astrophysics & Space Science wish to announce that they, and the Journal, subscribe to, and will be bound by, the principles espoused in the Singapore Statement. Specifically:

  • Honesty in all aspects of research

  • Accountability in the conduct of research

  • Professional courtesy and fairness in working with others

  • Good stewardship of research on behalf of others

In respect to the responsibilities this implies for our authors these are as follows:

  • Researchers should employ appropriate research methods, base conclusions on critical analysis of the evidence and report findings and interpretations fully and objectively.

  • Researchers should take responsibility for their contributions to all publications, funding applicat ...