, Volume 338, Issue 2, pp 251-257

Ion acoustic solitary and shock waves with nonextensive electrons and thermal positrons in nonplanar geometry

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The nonlinear wave structures of ion acoustic waves (IAWs) in an unmagnetized plasma consisting of nonextensive electrons and thermal positrons are studied in bounded nonplanar geometry. Using reductive perturbation technique we have derived cylindrical and spherical Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers’ (KdVB) equations for IAWs. The presence of nonextensive q-distributed electrons is shown to influence the solitary and shock waves. Furthermore, in the existence of ion kinematic viscosity, the shock wave structure appears. Also, the effects of nonextensivity of electrons, ion kinematic viscosities, positron concentration on the properties of ion acoustic shock waves (IASWs) are discussed in nonplanar geometry. It is found that both compressive and rarefactive type solitons or shock waves are obtained depending on the plasma parameter.