, Volume 335, Issue 2, pp 435-442
Date: 02 Jun 2011

Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers equation in superthermal electron-positron-ion plasma

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Properties of three-dimensional ion-acoustic solitary and shock waves accompining electron-positron-ion magnetoplasma with high-energy (superthermal) electrons and positrons are investigated. For this purpose, a Zakharov-Kuznetsov-Burgers (ZKB) equation is derived from the ion continuity equation, ion momentum equation with kinematic viscosity among ions fluid, electrons, and positrons having kappa distribution together with the Poisson equation. The dependence of the solitary and shock excitations characteristics on the parameter measuring the superthermality κ, the ion gyrofrequency Ω, the unperturbed positrons-to-ions density ratio ν, the viscosity parameter η, the direction cosine , the ion-to-electron temperature ratio σ i , and the electron-to-positron temperature ratio σ p have been investigated. Moreover, it is found that the parameters κ, Ω, ν, η, and lead to accelerate the particles, whereas the parameters σ i and σ p would lead to decelerate them. Numerical calculations reveal that the nonlinear pulses polarity are always positive. This study could be useful to understand the nonlinear electrostatic excitations in interstellar medium.