Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 314, Issue 1, pp 121–127

Ion acoustic solitons and double layers in electron–positron–ion plasmas with dust particulates


    • Government College of Engineering and Textile Technology
  • R. Bharuthram
    • University of the Western Cape
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DOI: 10.1007/s10509-008-9748-0

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Ghosh, S. & Bharuthram, R. Astrophys Space Sci (2008) 314: 121. doi:10.1007/s10509-008-9748-0


Propagation of small but finite amplitude ion acoustic solitons and double layers are investigated in electron–positron–ion plasmas in presence of highly negatively charged impurities or dust. The presence of negatively charged dust particulates can result in existence of two critical concentrations of ion–electron density ratio α. One of them αD decides the existence of double layers, whereas the other one αR decides the nature of the solitons and double layers. The system supports both compressive and rarefactive solitons as well as double layers. The parameter regimes of transitions from compressive to rarefactive solitons and double layers are also specified.


Electron–positron–ion–dust multi-component plasmaIon acoustic solitary wavesIon acoustic double layers

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