, Volume 305, Issue 2, pp 169-176
Date: 30 Aug 2006

Resolving the Degeneracy: Experimental Tests of the New Self Creation Cosmology and a Heterodox Prediction for Gravity Probe B

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The new theory of Self Creation Cosmology has been shown to yield a concordant cosmological solution that does not require inflation, exotic non-baryonic Dark matter or unknown Dark Energy to fit observational constraints. In vacuo there is a conformal equivalence between this theory and canonical General Relativity and as a consequence an experimental degeneracy exists as the two theories predict identical results in the standard tests. However, there are three definitive experiments that are able to resolve this degeneracy and distinguish between the two theories. Here these standard tests and definitive experiments are described. One of the definitive predictions, that of the geodetic precession of a gyroscope, has just been measured on the Gravity Probe B satellite, which is at the present time of writing in the data processing stage. This is the first opportunity to falsify Self Creation Cosmology. The theory predicts a ‘frame-dragging’ result equal to GR but a geodetic precession of only 2/3 the GR value. When applied to the Gravity Probe B satellite, Self Creation Cosmology predicts an E–W gravitomagnetic/frame-dragging precession, equal to that of GR, of 40.9 milliarcsec/yr but a N–S gyroscope (geodetic + Thomas) precession of just 4.4096 arcsec/yr.