Astrophysics and Space Science

, Volume 299, Issue 1, pp 83-108

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A Cosmological Explanation to the Pioneer Anomaly

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An earlier paper introduced a new cosmological theory based on the proposition that all four metrical coefficients of space and time change with the cosmological expansion. Such a universal scale expansion would preserve the four-dimensional spacetime geometry and therefore by general relativity most physical relationships. In addition, if the scale expansion were exponential with time, all epochs would be equivalent. The theory resolves several outstanding problems with the standard model based on the Big Bang concept and better agrees with observations. Four independent observational programs support the SEC theory, which also provides an explanation to the Pioneer anomaly. A possible resolution to the recently discovered discrepancies between optical observations of the planets and their ephemerides is proposed.


space and time expansion space and time equivalence scale expansion space and time symmetry cosmic drag tired light redshift Pioneer anomaly accelerating planets