, Volume 300, Issue 1-3, pp 45-53

A Fundamental Plane of Black Hole Activity: Pushing Forward the Unification Scheme

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We examine the disc-jet connection in stellar mass and supermassive black holes by investigating the properties of their compact emission in the hard X-ray and radio bands. We compile a sample of ∼100 active galactic nuclei with measured mass, 5 GHz core emission, and 2–10 keV luminosity, together with eight galactic black holes with a total of ∼50 simultaneous observations in the radio and X-ray bands. Using this sample, we study the correlations between the radio (L R) and the X-ray (L X) luminosity and the black hole mass (M). We find that the radio luminosity is correlated with both M and L X, at a highly significant level. We show how this result can be used to extend the standard unification by orientation scheme to encompass unification by mass and accretion rate.