, Volume 41, Issue 5, pp 1073-1075
Date: 19 Jul 2012

Vaginal Intercourse Orgasm Consistency Accounts for Concordance of Vaginal and Subjective Sexual Arousal

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Suschinsky and Lalumière (2012) reported on their findings of greater concordance of laboratory genital and subjective sexual arousal measures for men than for women. They further noted that genital concordance was not associated with other concordance measures, such as the concordance between actual and reported rates of respiration and heart rate. However, as the respiration and heart rate concordance rates were also uncorrelated with each other, it is doubtful that they should be considered a gold standard of interoceptive ability in general, let alone interoception within a sexual context.

Although Suchinsky and Lalumière noted the important issue that social desirability responding distorts women’s reports of sexual arousal, they did not themselves incorporate any measure of social desirability responding in their study. Furthermore, they stated that “women show substantial genital arousal to sexual stimuli they find very unpleasant,” without discussing the possibility that the wom ...