, Volume 41, Issue 5, p 1077
Date: 14 Jun 2012

Headaches Induced by Pornography Use

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A 24-year-old unmarried male software professional, not a known case of diabetes or hypertension, presented with episodes of severe, exploding holocranial headache on watching pornographic videos for the last 2 years. The headache would develop gradually over 5 min of viewing videos and would peak within 8–10 min. The intensity was so severe that he had to abort watching. There was no accompanying nausea, vomiting, or phonophobia. Progressively, he started to refrain from viewing videos as a means of avoiding headaches. There was no history of headache associated either with masturbation or with coitus. He had no history of head injury or meningoencephalitis in early childhood. There was no history suggestive of migraine in the family. He did not have a history suggestive of migraine, tension type or exertional headache. A physical and systemic examination was unremarkable. The neurological examination was normal. Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging, MR angiography of brain, and electroenc ...