, Volume 36, Issue 2, p 145
Date: 08 Mar 2007

Guest Editor's Introduction to the BBC Special Section

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Opportunity is not a lengthy visitor.

Into the Woods (Stephen Sondheim, James Lapine)

When producers from BBC Science contacted me late in 2004 to serve as a research consultant for their TV documentary, Secrets of the Sexes, I sensed at once a great research opportunity. As part of the documentary project, BBC Science staff wanted to create an Internet Survey on psychological sex differences to be completed by thousands of people across the world, and, with the help of a number of distinguished researchers in the United Kingdom and North America, they quickly designed and implemented their proposed survey.

The results exceeded all expectations. The final version of the survey assessed participants’ sex-linked cognitive abilities, personality traits, interests, sexual attitudes and behavior, and physical traits. Almost half a million people responded at least to some parts of the survey, and over 200,000 people responded to all six parts of the survey. The resulting data set provided a un ...