, Volume 25, Issue 2, pp 261-270
Date: 11 Feb 2011

Frans H. van Eemeren: Strategic Maneuvering in Argumentative Discourse. Extending the Pragma-Dialectical Theory of Argumentation

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The second volume of the bookseries Argumentation in Context, published by Benjamins, constitutes a dense monograph providing the first comprehensive and systematic exposition of the extended pragma-dialectical theory previously outlined by van Eemeren and Houtlosser in several papers and book chapters.

See, in particular, van Eemeren and Houtlosser (2000, 2002).

This work is perfectly in line with the scope intended by the hosting bookseries focusing on the study of context-bound characteristics of argumentative discourses. In fact, even though it is not devoted to any specific context or to any specific activity type, the volume is systematically aimed at specifying the philosophical tenets, the theoretical and methodological principles and the analytical and practical procedures allowing to investigate the real argumentation realized in different contexts and within more or less institutionalized argumentative practices.

The dedication to the memory of Peter Houtlosser “former student ...