, Volume 22, Issue 2, pp 297-303
Date: 11 Mar 2008

Maroun Aouad, Averroès (Ibn Rušd), Commentaire moyen à la Rhétorique d’Aristote. Edition critique du texte arabe et traduction française. Vol. I: Introduction générale. Vol. II: Edition et traduction. Vol. III: Commentaire du Commentaire

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In this monumental work, Maroun Aouad (henceforth M. A.) endeavours (1) to make Averroes’s Middle Commentary on Aristotle’s Rhetoric accessible to non Arabic speaking readers, and (2) to highlight the “philosophical and cultural originality” of Averroes’s commentary with regards to the Stagirite’s Rhetoric (Vol. I: p. VII). A third objective, which clearly derives, as shown below, from the first two, is to offer the scientific community a referential edition of the Arabic text associated with a French translation, and provided with analytic numbering of paragraphs, systematic foot-note cross-references, and a full set of indexes.

Presentation and Organisation of Contents

This is achieved through a presentation in three volumes, the rationale of which only appears after a while. The presentation invites simultaneous reading as well as double-checking of text source comparison and analyses whenever needed. The reading of Averroes’s text (Vol. II) should be paralleled with that of M. A.’s c ...