, Volume 91, Issue 3, pp 587-605
Date: 22 Jun 2013

Large Eddy Simulation of Wind Turbine Wakes

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We present the coupling of a vortex particle-mesh method with immersed lifting lines for the Large Eddy Simulation of wind turbine wakes. The method relies on the Lagrangian discretization of the Navier–Stokes equations in vorticity-velocity formulation. Advection is handled by the particles while the mesh allows the evaluation of the differential operators and the use of fast Poisson solvers. We use a Fourier-based fast Poisson solver which simultaneously allows unbounded directions and inlet/outlet boundaries. The method also allows the feeding of a turbulent incoming flow. We apply this methodology to the study of large scale aerodynamics and wake behavior of tandem wind turbines. We analyze the generators performance, unsteady power, loads and aerodynamics they are subjected to. The average flow field of the wakes is also computed and turbulence statistics are extracted. In particular, we investigate the influence of the type of turbulent inflow used—precomputed or synthetic—, and study wake meandering.

Submitted for FTC Special Issue ETMM9.