, Volume 27, Issue 2, pp 179-192
Date: 23 Jul 2009

On improving the robustness of Asian management theories: Theoretical anchors in the era of globalization

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A careful review of the history of research on global strategy and cross-cultural management reveals that considerable attention has been paid to the functioning of organizations located in the Asian context in comparison with their Western counterparts. While research in this tradition has generated some useful insights, there is a need for improving robustness of management theories that are applicable in the Asian context. In this paper, we advance a taxonomy of cross-cultural management theories and suggest methods of deriving research propositions well-grounded in the latest findings in cross-cultural research. It is suggested that robustness of management theories that are uniquely applicable to the Asia Pacific countries is best achieved by addressing the complex interplay of cultural variations found in these countries with globalization-related influences.

The authors would like to thank Mike Peng, the Editor-in-Chief of APJM, for his helpful comments on an earlier draft of this manuscript.