, Volume 100, Issue 3, pp 385-398
Date: 03 Jun 2011

tdd8: a TerD domain-encoding gene involved in Streptomyces coelicolor differentiation

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The Streptomyces coelicolor genome contains 17 TerD domain-encoding genes (tdd genes) of unknown function. The proteins encoded by these genes have been presumed to be involved in tellurite resistance on the basis of their homology with the protein TerD of Serratia marcescens. To elucidate the role of a Tdd protein (Tdd8), both a deletion mutant for the corresponding gene tdd8 (SCO2368) and a recombinant strain over-expressing tdd8 were produced in S. coelicolor M145. The deletion mutant (Δtdd8), like the wild strain, was not resistant to potassium tellurite. The deletion was not lethal but had a marked effect on differentiation. The deletion strain showed more rapid growth in liquid medium and produced long chains of short spores with a dense and non-spherical spore wall on agar plates. The strain over-expressing tdd8 had a growth delay in liquid medium and produced very few spores of irregular shapes and sizes on solid medium. The results of this study demonstrated that Tdd proteins might have a function other than tellurite resistance and this function seems to be of crucial importance for the proper development of the actinomycete S. coelicolor.