, Volume 89, Issue 1, pp 79-90
Date: 15 Mar 2006

Hormographiella verticillata and an Ozonium stage as anamorphs of Coprinellus domesticus

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Living cultures of Hormographiella verticillata and Coprinellus domesticus, as well as herbarium specimens of Ozonium spp. have been examined and compared. Based on morphological and molecular data, we present for the first time C. domesticus as a teleomorphic stage of H. verticillata and a first record of H. verticillata isolated from human skin in America (Panama). In addition to Hormographiella, species of Ozonium have been described as anamorphic stages of species of Coprinus s.l. Based on extensive review of the literature and own observations, we propose to apply the names Hormographiella spp. to conidiogenous stages of species of Coprinus s.l. and Ozonium stage to the sterile brown hyphae which can be observed in nature and in older cultures of species of Hormographiella. Because species of Ozonium are not distinguishable morphologically, we do not use species names in this genus. The two imperfect stages represent synanamorphs which are designated explicitly for a species of Coprinus s.l. for the first time.