, Volume 87, Issue 4, pp 329-337

Dacryoscyphus chrysochilus, a new staurosporous anamorph with cupulate conidiomata from China and with affinities to the Dacrymycetales (Basidiomycota)

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An anamorphic fungus forming laterally attached, cupulate, gelatinous, hyaline to white conidiomata with a golden yellow rim producing 2–4-armed stauroconidia from monoblastic conidiogenous cells was collected on dead twigs of Rhododendron sp. in southwestern China. Ultrastructure of the septal pore and comparative analysis of the 5′ region of the nuclear large subunit of the ribosomal RNA gene sequence revealed a phylogenetic relationship with members of the Dacrymycetales. Morphological studies and comparison with similar anamorphic fungi indicate the novelty of the taxon, and the new genus and species Dacryoscyphus chrysochilus is proposed.