, Volume 201, Issue 1, pp 169-182,
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Date: 09 Nov 2012

Optimization of setup times in the furniture industry


The aim of this paper is to develop a scheduling policy oriented towards minimizing setup times in the made-to-order furniture industry. The task is treated as a dynamic job shop scheduling problem, with the exception that customers’ orders collected over a specified period of time are combined into a production plan and released together. A simulation of a production flow based on technological routes of real subassemblies was performed. The proposed method of calculating a setup time eliminates the need to determine machine setup time matrices. Among the tested priority rules the best performance was observed in the case of the hierarchical rule that combines similar setup, the earliest due date and the shortest processing time. This rule allowed the setup time per operation to be reduced by 58 % compared to a combination of the earliest due date with the shortest setup and processing time rule and by over 70 % compared to the single shortest processing time rule.