, Volume 47, Issue 3-4, pp 295-328

Learning dynamic algorithm portfolios

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Algorithm selection can be performed using a model of runtime distribution, learned during a preliminary training phase. There is a trade-off between the performance of model-based algorithm selection, and the cost of learning the model. In this paper, we treat this trade-off in the context of bandit problems. We propose a fully dynamic and online algorithm selection technique, with no separate training phase: all candidate algorithms are run in parallel, while a model incrementally learns their runtime distributions. A redundant set of time allocators uses the partially trained model to propose machine time shares for the algorithms. A bandit problem solver mixes the model-based shares with a uniform share, gradually increasing the impact of the best time allocators as the model improves. We present experiments with a set of SAT solvers on a mixed SAT-UNSAT benchmark; and with a set of solvers for the Auction Winner Determination problem.

This work was supported by SNF grant 200020-107590/1.