American Journal of Dance Therapy

, Volume 34, Issue 2, pp 141-158

First online:

Bringing My Body into My Body of Knowledge as a Dance/Movement Therapy Educator

  • Jessica L. YoungAffiliated withDepartment of Dance/Movement Therapy and Counseling, Columbia College Chicago Email author 

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As a dance/movement therapy educator, I teach students how to recognize their own movement patterns, how to clinically assess clients’ movement, and how to create movement interventions that facilitate healing and wellness. How then, might I begin to bring my own understanding of my movement preferences into the classroom to enhance my teaching? Through personal, illustrative examples, this article examines how I applied Rudolf Laban’s Effort theory and Humane Effort towards expanding my movement repertoire to better support my approach to teaching. In revitalizing my relationship to teaching, I accessed the potential to better engage students, improve student progress, and increase job satisfaction.


Effort theory Humane Effort Education Dance/movement therapy Movement preferences