, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 1128-1139
Date: 25 Nov 2009

Predictors of HIV Disclosure Among Untested, HIV-Negative and HIV-Positive Australian Men Who had Anal Intercourse with Their Most Recent Casual Male Sex Partner

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We analysed HIV disclosure between Australian men who have sex with men (MSM) who reported anal intercourse with their last casual male partner. Of 804 MSM included in the analysis, 413 reported HIV disclosure and 391 reported no disclosure. After identifying bivariate associations with HIV disclosure, we developed three models of HIV disclosure (one for untested, one for HIV-negative and one for HIV-positive MSM). A range of factors was found to be associated with HIV disclosure. Having previously had sex with the last casual male partner and expecting HIV-negative and HIV-positive men to disclose before sex were predictors of HIV disclosure shared by more than one serostatus group. As unprotected anal intercourse was more common among MSM who disclosed (across all serostatus groups), we suggest caution should be exercised before encouraging HIV disclosure as a prevention strategy. Nondisclosure remains more strongly associated with safe sex among Australian MSM.