, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 470-473
Date: 11 Apr 2009

Broadening Research on Microfinance and Related Strategies for HIV Prevention: Commentary on Dworkin and Blankenship (2009)

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In their article, Microfinance and HIV/AIDS prevention: Assessing its promise and limitations, Dworkin and Blankenship (2009) provide a valuable introduction to microfinance as a structural HIV prevention approach and highlight its significance and limitations for women’s economic empowerment. Their overview of the components and types of microfinance programs is excellent. Their emphasis on the challenge to gender norms posed by woman-only projects is well taken. Gender power issues should clearly be integrated into future microfinance studies. Most importantly, their analysis contributes to a growing literature calling for HIV prevention efforts targeted to distal determinants of risk.

In this commentary, we respond to Dworkin and Blankenship (2009) about the limitations of microfinance used as a stand-alone strategy for HIV prevention, and advocate expanding the literature consulted in planning research on interventions, such as microfinance, targeting structural and contextual facto ...