, Volume 13, Issue 3, pp 424-429
Date: 10 Apr 2009

An Agenda for Advancing the Science of Implementation of Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Interventions

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In the past 25 years, a tremendous amount of time and resources have been committed to developing evidence-based HIV prevention interventions. More recently, there have been noteworthy efforts to develop an infrastructure and related policies to promote the dissemination (i.e., “the targeted distribution of information and intervention materials to a specific public health or clinical practice audience”) of evidence-based interventions. Despite these advances, however, we have had comparatively little success in the effective implementation (i.e., “the use of strategies to adopt and integrate evidence-based health interventions and change practice patterns within specific settings”) of such interventions in everyday practice or community settings. The objective of the current paper is to highlight select and initial areas of research that are critically needed to advance the state-of-the-science of implementation of HIV prevention interventions in our broader efforts to curb the epidemic worldwide.