, Volume 12, Issue 3, pp 441-451
Date: 21 Aug 2007

Correlates of Condom Use among Sex Workers and Their Boyfriends in Three West African Countries

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The aim of this study was to identify correlates associated with condom use at last intercourse between sex workers (SW) and their boyfriends (BF). The sample was derived as a convenience sample recruited through existing HIV prevention organizations in Benin, Guinea and Senegal. The Theory of Planned Behavior served as the conceptual framework. A total of 406 individuals (220 SW and 186 BF) participated in the study. Socio-demographic, behavioral and psychological variables were collected through a face-to-face administered questionnaire. Condom use at last intercourse was significantly associated with intention and perceived control among SW as well as their BF. With respect to intention, perceived control, attitude and moral norm explained 82 and 74% of intention of SW and BF, respectively. These results suggest that promoting condom use among SW and BF should be based primarily on the development of personal ability to overcome obstacles to condom use.