, Volume 10, Issue 5, pp 587-598
Date: 06 Jun 2006

Sexual Compulsivity in a Sample of HIV-Positive Methamphetamine-using Gay and Bisexual Men

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Little research has been done on the relationship between sexual compulsivity and the sexual risk behaviors of methamphetamine (meth) users. This exploratory study sought to identify correlates of sexual compulsivity in a sample of 217 HIV-positive meth-using gay and bisexual men. Participants reported a mean score of 2.4 on the Sexual Compulsivity Scale (SCS) (SD=.76, range 1–4). Sexual compulsivity was positively associated with high-risk sexual behaviors (e.g., number of unprotected sex acts with anonymous partners, total number of HIV-negative or unknown serostatus partners). In multivariate analyses, higher scores on sexual compulsivity were associated with older age, meth use before or during sex, visits to sex clubs and street corners to find sex partners, lower self-efficacy for condom use, lower levels of self-esteem, higher scores on a measure of disinhibition, and a greater number of HIV-negative or unknown serostatus partners. The results suggest that more attention should be focused on sexual compulsivity and its correlates to determine how they may contribute to resistance to sexual behavior change in this high-risk population.