, Volume 10, Issue 6, pp 699-705
Date: 26 Apr 2006

Providers’ HIV Prevention Discussions with HIV-Seropositive Injection Drug Users

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Public health agencies have recommended incorporating HIV prevention counseling into the medical care of persons living with HIV/AIDS. Injection drug users (IDUs) especially need HIV risk-reduction counseling because of their high risk for HIV transmission through both sexual and injection behaviors. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of, and patient factors associated with, the delivery of HIV prevention messages to HIV-seropositive IDUs in primary care settings. A majority of participants reported having an HIV prevention discussion with their provider during their most recent primary care visit. Factors significantly associated with report of such discussion were being Hispanic or non-Hispanic Black; high school education or less; and better perception of engagement with provider. Medical providers should provide prevention messages to all HIV-seropositive IDUs, regardless of demographic factors. Effective HIV prevention interventions in primary care settings, including interventions to improve patient-provider communication, are needed for HIV-seropositive IDUs.

The INSPIRE Study Group includes the following people. Baltimore: Carl Latkin, Amy Knowlton, Karin Tobin; Miami: Lisa Metsch, Eduardo Valverde, James Wilkinson, Martina DeVarona; New York: Mary, Latka, Dave Vlahov, Phillip Coffin, Marc Gourevitch, Julia Arnsten, Robert Gern; San Francisco: Cynthia Gomez, Kelly Knight, Carol Dawson Rose, Starley Shade, Sonja Mackenzie; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: David Purcell, Yuko Mizuno, Scott Santibanez, Richard Garfein, ann O’Leary; Health Resources and Services Administration: Lois Eldred, Kathleen Handley