, Volume 11, Issue 1, pp 103-112
Date: 04 May 2006

Risky sexual behavior among women with protective orders against violent male partners

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The purpose of this study was to describe risky sexual behaviors among women with protective orders against violent male partners (N=673), as well as to examine associations of relationship factors, psychological abuse, severity of partner violence, sexual violence, and women’s substance abuse with risky sexual behavior. An HIV sexual risk index was computed based on the participant’s self-reported risky sexual behavior, the participants’ estimations of the abusive partner’s extra dyadic sexual behavior and the abusive partner’s illicit drug use. The majority of women engaged in risky sexual practices and had partners who engaged in risky sexual practices. Results of OLS regression analysis showed that the participant’s age, length of the participant’s relationship with the abusive partner, severity of physical violence, substance abuse/dependence (alcohol and illicit drug) were significantly associated with risky sexual behavior. Implications for future research and HIV prevention interventions with partner violence victims are discussed.