, Volume 88, Issue 2, pp 311-320
Date: 27 Mar 2014

Inter- and intra-provenances variations in seed size and seedling characteristics of Khaya senegalensis A. Juss in Burkina Faso

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Within- and between-provenance variations in seed and seedling traits of Khaya senegalensis A. Juss were studied at INERA in Burkina Faso. Nursery grown seedlings from four provenances in Burkina Faso were used for the study. The studies revealed significant variability in all traits evaluated. Seed length and weight significantly varied among provenances and families within provenances, where Bopiel and Koyenga had the highest mean values. Height and root collar diameter of 1 year old seedlings significantly varied among families within provenances. Except leaf biomass ratio and carbon isotope ratio which varied significantly among provenances but not among families within provenances, all other seedling biomass traits—total plant biomass, stem biomass ratio, leaf biomass ratio, root biomass ratio, root shoot ratio, specific leaf area, and leaf area ratio were significantly affected by provenances and families within provenances. The magnitude of variation due to family effect ranged from 65 to 93 % for seed size traits, and from 4.5 to 17.8 % for seedling characters. Estimates of family heritability were moderate to high (0.67–0.95) for seed traits, but low to moderate (0.19–0.59) for seedling characters, indicating that much of the total variation in seed traits is due to the genetic effect. The two most prominent provenances, Koyenga and Bopiel, with higher seed size and greater seedling growth could be considered for an eventual K. senegalensis improvement program in Burkina Faso.