, Volume 22, Issue 1, pp 13-25
Date: 23 Mar 2006

May the definition of pollen season influence aerobiological results?

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This paper reviews the terms and major criteria used to define and limit the pollen season. Pollen data from Cordoba (Spain), Ourense (Spain) and Bologna (Italy) were used to ascertain the extent to which aerobiological results and pollen curves are modified by the criteria selected. Results were analysed using Spearmanȁ9s correlation test. Phenological observations were also used to determine synchronization between pollen curves and plant phenology. The criteria for limiting the shortest and longest pollen season periods, as well as the earliest and latest start and end dates, varied according to the city and the taxon under study; in many cases, results for a given taxon also depended on the year. The smallest differences were obtained for Platanus and the greatest for Poaceae.