, Volume 12, Issue 2, pp 155-162

Chromium adsorption in olive stone activated carbon

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In this work, Cr(III) adsorption on activated carbon obtained from olive stones in an upflow fixed-bed column at 30C was studied. The flow rate influence on the breakthrough curves at a feed concentration of 0.87 meq/L was investigated in an attempt to minimize the diffusional resistances. Breakthrough curves for a flow range of 2–8 mL/min were obtained at 10.5 cm bed height and inlet diameter of 0.9 cm. The mass transfer parameters indicated that the bed minimal resistance was attained at 2 mL/min. Therefore, the data equilibrium was carried out until the bed was saturated at 2 mL/min. The dynamic system generated a favorable isotherm with a maximum chromium uptake of 0.45 meq/g. A column sorption mathematical model was created considering the axial dispersion in the column and the intraparticle diffusion rate-controlling steps. The isotherm was successfully modeled by the Langmuir equation and the mathematical model described the experimental dynamic data adequately for feed concentrations from 0.26 to 3.29 meq/L.