Theory and Practice of Positive Feminist Therapy: A Culturally Responsive Approach to Divorce Therapy with Chinese Women


DOI: 10.1007/s10447-012-9146-8

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Tzou, J.YJ., Kim, E. & Waldheim, K. Int J Adv Counselling (2012) 34: 143. doi:10.1007/s10447-012-9146-8


Positive Feminist Therapy (PFT) is a strength-based culturally responsive therapy model specifically designed for helping Chinese women facing marital conflicts and divorce, integrating Empowerment Feminist Therapy, systems theory, and positive psychology. To help clients become change agents, PFT uses clients’ existing strengths to develop alternatives by examining internalized values of womanhood within their unique cultural contexts. The goals are to empower Chinese women to reclaim their sense of self on the path to achieving balance and self-efficacy, and to redirect their energy toward a synergy between themselves and society. Potential applications of, and recommendations for, Positive Feminist Therapy are presented using a case scenario.


Multicultural counseling Counseling model Positive Feminist Therapy Divorce Therapy Chinese women 

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