, Volume 36, Issue 1, pp 67-78
Date: 22 Sep 2011

Approximate reconstruction of bandlimited functions for the integrate and fire sampler

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In this paper we study the reconstruction of a bandlimited signal from samples generated by the integrate and fire model. This sampler allows us to trade complexity in the reconstruction algorithms for simple hardware implementations, and is specially convenient in situations where the sampling device is limited in terms of power, area and bandwidth. Although perfect reconstruction for this sampler is impossible, we give a general approximate reconstruction procedure and bound the corresponding error. We also show the performance of the proposed algorithm through numerical simulations.

Communicated by Qiyu Sun.
The second and fourth authors were supported by NINDS (Grant Number: NS053561). The third author was partially supported by the following grants: PICT06-00177, CONICET PIP 112-200801-00398 and UBACyT X149. The third and fourth authors’ visit to NuHAG was funded by the European Marie Curie Excellence Grant EUCETIFA FP6-517154.