Annals of Surgical Oncology

, Volume 6, Issue 4, pp 330–335

Extent of Lumpectomy for Breast Cancer After Diagnosis by Stereotactic Core Versus Wire Localization Biopsy


  • Saif S. Al-Sobhi
    • Division of Surgical OncologyUniversity of Michigan Cancer Center
  • Mark A. Helvie
    • Breast Imaging Division, Department of RadiologyUniversity of Michigan
  • Helen A. Pass
    • Division of Surgical OncologyUniversity of Michigan Cancer Center
  • Alfred E. Chang
    • Division of Surgical OncologyUniversity of Michigan Cancer Center
    • 3302 Cancer Center
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DOI: 10.1007/s10434-999-0330-y

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Al-Sobhi, S.S., Helvie, M.A., Pass, H.A. et al. Ann Surg Oncol (1999) 6: 330. doi:10.1007/s10434-999-0330-y


Background: Stereotactic core biopsy of mammographically defined breast abnormalities is an alternative to wire localization biopsy. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the extent of lumpectomy in patients diagnosed by stereotactic core versus wire localization biopsy.

Methods: A total of 67 consecutive patients diagnosed with invasive cancers or ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS) were retrospectively reviewed. Thirty-four were diagnosed by core biopsy and the remaining 33 by wire localization biopsy.

Results: Approximately 65% of patients subsequently had breast-conserving surgical therapy. Seventy-nine percent of patients undergoing wire localization biopsies had positive surgical margins. Achievement of negative surgical margins for lumpectomies performed after wire localization or stereotactic core biopsies was 100% and 89%, respectively, which was not significantly different. However, the total volume of breast tissue removed for breast conservation in patients undergoing lumpectomy after wire localization versus core biopsies was 183 cm3 and 104 cm3, respectively, which was significantly different (P = .003).

Conclusions: Diagnosis by stereotactic core biopsies resulted in less tissue removal to achieve margin-negative lumpectomies for breast conservation. Stereotactic core biopsy is the method of choice for biopsying nonpalpable, suspicious breast lesions.

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Breast cancerMammographyBiopsyBreast conservation.
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