, Volume 4, Issue 4, pp 243-253,
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Date: 10 Aug 2007

Postoperative abdominal adhesions and their prevention in gynaecological surgery. Expert consensus position. Part 2—steps to reduce adhesions


This consensus position represents the collective views of 35 gynaecologists with a recognised interest in adhesions. The first part of the position was presented in the previous issue of Gynecological Surgery and reviewed the published literature on the extent of the problem of adhesions. In this part, the opportunities to reduce their incidence are considered. Collective proposals on the actions that European gynaecologists should take to avoid causing adhesions are provided. Importantly, in this part, the need to now inform patients of the risks associated with adhesion-related complications during the consent process is discussed. With evidence increasing to support the efficacy of adhesion-reduction agents to complement good surgical practice, all surgeons should act now to reduce adhesions and fulfil their duty of care to patients.