, Volume 34, Issue 1, pp 17-21
Date: 15 Mar 2007

Three-dimensional sonographic volume measurement of the fetal cerebellum

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The objective of this longitudinal study was to evaluate the growth of the fetal cerebellum in normal pregnancy by using three-dimensional ultrasound.


Three-dimensional sonographic examinations were performed for 13 appropriate-for-gestational-age fetuses. Fetal cerebellar volume was measured every 2 to 3 weeks after 20 weeks of gestational age until delivery. The common multiplanar technique was used to calculate the fetal cerebellar volume.


A curvilinear relationship was found between gestational age and cerebellar volume (R2 = 78.6%, P < 0.0001), and normal ranges of cerebellar volume measurements for estimating the growth of the fetal cerebellum during normal pregnancy were generated. The data gathered in this study were fairly comparable with previous data obtained using three-dimensional ultrasound. However, the normal ranges of cerebellar volume that we determined were relatively wide throughout pregnancy.


Our findings suggest that a standard curve for fetal cerebellar volume using three-dimensional ultrasound can play a role in the evaluation of normal cerebellar growth in the fetus. However, we do cast doubt on the reliability and reproducibility of cerebellar volume measurement using three-dimensional ultrasound. Further studies involving a larger sample size and another technique (the rotational method with VOCAL) would be needed to confirm these findings.