, Volume 9, Issue 4, pp 499-501
Date: 06 Sep 2012

Creating Sustainable Communities: The Quadruple Bottom Line

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Humans seem to have surpassed the environmental limits of the world as we know it (Rockstrom et al. 2009). Environmental degradation and global climate change are some manifestations of the harm we are inflicting on our ecosystem. Fortunately, there are also uplifting examples of humans nurturing their natural habitat and creating sustainable communities in a changing world. A new edited book by Roetman and Daniels (2011) on this topic is worth noticing. It presents a compilation of creative activities currently under way at the Barbara Hardy Institute at the University of South Australia. The authors address carbon and waste reduction strategies, urban design, transport planning, housing, solar power generation, tourism, education, and a number of other issues.

Traditionally, sustainability has been confined by the “triple bottom line” with three overlapping and interdependent goals (Elkington 2004): (1) to live environmentally sustainable or viable in the long-run; 2) to live economic ...