, Volume 9, Issue 3, pp 238-240
Date: 28 Aug 2012

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Students and EcoHealth

The EcoHealth journal announces a new, regular section to appear in the journal: News from the IAEH. This section will feature news, updates, and more formal expositions from the International Association for Ecology and Health (IAEH). The first article for the News from the IAEH will be the Student Dialogues, which will present a student perspective on an ecoheath topic along with a response from a senior member of the ecohealth community—thereby creating a dialog. The Student Dialogues in this issue and in future issues will provide our students with an opportunity to have a voice in the journal, but also to publish and edit for a high-quality journal as well as increase their involvement in all aspects of the IAEH.

Books to Think by

The transdisciplinary science of Ecohealth is still a young field of study without a clearly defined literature as its historical foundation. To help build this base of knowledge and theory, the EcoHealth editors have agreed to write ...