, Volume 59, Issue 1, pp 193-206
Date: 01 Nov 2012

Representatives of the genus Triploporella (Dasycladales, calcareous algae) in the Lower Cretaceous limestones of Romania

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Recent studies on the Lower Cretaceous deposits located in various areas of the Romanian Carpathians resulted in the identification of several specimens of dasycladalean algae assigned to the genus Triploporella including Triploporella carpatica Bucur, Triploporella cf. praturlonii Barattolo, Triploporella cf. steinmannii Barattolo, Triploporella sp. 1, Triploporella sp. 2, and Triploporella n. sp. This paper provides arguments on their taxonomic assignment, together with discussions on the Triploporella species described in the literature and their paleobiogeographic significance.